Welcome to CCCIS 2021


2021 2nd International Conference on Computer Communication and Information Systems (CCCIS 2021) will be held virtuallyduring November 12-14, 2021 November 27-29, 2021. Sponsored by Beijing University of Technology, China.


Please download the conference program 下载会议日程


重要通知!最近北京COVID-19疫情形势严峻,会议组委会经过慎重考虑,将会议时间延迟到2021年11月27-29日,并为全线上会议的形式召开,有任何疑问,请联系会议秘书处cccis_general@163.com 或添加微信,好友申请中备注 "CCCIS 2021"


  • 为增进学术交流,分享研究经验,探寻合作机会,推动领域科学研究的发展,2021年第二届计算机通信与信息系统国际会议(CCCIS 2021)将于2021年11月27日至29日在中国北京线上举行, 由北京工业大学主办。

  • 会议围绕“计算机通信与信息系统”这一主题,将邀请来自各地本领域的研究人员,就相关问题展开深入研讨,产生良性互动,为产业发展、学术研究、人才培养、规则制定等提供广阔的平台, 有力促进与其它学科的交叉融合。同时, 为促进年轻学者特别是研究生的发展,本次会议将继续评选优秀报告论文,并给予相应的奖励。

  • 我们诚挚的欢迎计算机通信与信息系统方面的学者,工程师,学生等参加,分享最新的研究成果,北京欢迎您的到来!

  • 我们将为来自世界各地的研究人员、实践者、专业人士和学生提供一个高质量的平台,展示他们在计算机通信与信息系统相关领域的最新研究成果、想法和应用。CCCIS 2021将以主题演讲、技术会议、社交活动和展览为特色,为与会代表提供无与伦比的机会,与专业人士进行交流,建立未来的合作伙伴关系。

The CCCIS 2021, is a premiere technical forum for researchers in the fields of Computer Communication and Information Systems. CCCIS 2021 will include state-of-the-art oral presentation related to the key areas.

It aims to provide a high quality platform for researchers, practitioners, professionals, and students from all over the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the related fields of computer communication and information systems. Featured with keynote session, technical session, social networking event and exhibition, CCCIS 2021 will provide the delegates an unparalleled opportunity to exchange with qualified professionals and build future partnership.

Call for Papers | 征稿启事

All manuscripts are submitted as full papers and are reviewed based on their scientific merit. The reviewing process is confidential. All paper submissions will be carefully reviewed by TPC experts and reviews will be returned to the author(s) with comments to ensure the high quality of the accepted papers. The accepted papers must be revised, taking into consideration the referees' comments and suggestions, before inclusion in the conference proceedings.


Submission And Publication


Accepted papers of CCCIS 2021 will be published into the International Conference Proceedings Series, which will be archived in the Online Digital Library and submitted for index by Ei Compendex and Scopus.

所有文章将由程序委员会严格审核,CCCIS 2021 所有录用文章在完成注册后被收录出版至 CCCIS 2021 会议论文集出版,收录至在线数据库, 并在会后提交 EI Compendex 和 Scopus 检索,文章作者将被邀请到北京参会展示研究报告。


Important Dates

Full Paper Submission Deadline: October 5, 2021

Notification Date: October 20, 2021

Registration Deadline: October 25, 2021

Final Paper Due: October 25, 2021

Date of Conference: November 12-14, 2021 November 27-29, 2021



  • Update > 重要通知!最近北京COVID-19疫情形势严峻,会议组委会经过慎重考虑,将会议时间延迟到2021年11月27-29日,并为全线上会议的形式召开,有任何疑问,请联系会议秘书处cccis_general@163.com 或添加微信,好友申请中备注 "CCCIS 2021"
  • Update > CCCIS 2021 will be held in Beijing, China during November 12-14, 2021. Sponsored by Beijing University of Technology, China.