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Speakers of CCCIS 2024

Prof. Yonghui Li, The University of Sydney, Australia
IEEE Fellow


Biography: Yonghui Li is now a Professor and Director of Wireless Engineering Laboratory in School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney. He is the recipient of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship in 2008 and ARC Future Fellowship in 2012. He is an IEEE Fellow. His current research interests are in the area of wireless communications, with a particular focus on IoT, machine to machine communicaitons, MIMO, millimeter wave communications, channel coding techniques, game theory, machine learning and signal processing. Professor Li was an editor for IEEE transactions on communications, IEEE transactions on vehicular technology and guest editors for several special issues of IEEE journals, such as IEEE JSAC, IEEE IoT Journals, IEEE Communications Magazine. He received several best paper awards from IEEE conferences. He has published one book, more than 280 papers in premier IEEE journals and more than 150 papers in premier IEEE conferences. His publications have been cited more than 19000 times. He has participated in $500 Millions Australia national demonstration project“Smart Grid Smart City” and designed last mile access networks.

Prof. Leopoldo Angrisani,University of Napoli Federico II, Italy
IEEE Fellow

Biography: Leopoldo Angrisani is now a Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, University of Napoli Federico II. Leopoldo Angrisani is Full Professor of Electrical and Electronic Measurements with the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. He is also General Manager/Director of CeSMA – Center of Advanced Measurement and Technology Services and member of the Board of the Ph.D. Program on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of University of Naples Federico II. His research activity is currently focused on communication systems and networks test and measurement; measurements for Internet of Things applications; compressive sampling based measurements; measurements for Industry 4.0; measurement uncertainty.He is Fellow Member of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement and Communications Societies, Chair of the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Italy Chapter.More...

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Speakers of CCCIS 2022

Prof. Robert Minasian, The University of Sydney, Australia
IEEE Life Fellow, OSA Fellow, Fellow of The Royal Society of NSW

2022 Speech Title: Advances in integrated microwave photonics for signal processing and sensing


Akihiko K. Sugiyama, Yahoo! Japan Research, Japan

2022 Speech Title: History of Personal Media Terminals: From Walkman to Apple Watch


Prof. Dr. Sergei Gorlatch, University of Muenster, Germany

2022 Speech Title: Distributed Software Applications Based on Mobile Cloud and Software-Defined Networks

Invited Speaker

Prof. A. C. M. Fong, Western Michigan University, USA

2022 Speech Title: Building a Customizable Toolkit for Natural Language Processing